Wonderful Decorative Options

  • January 28, 2019

If you are busy finding ways to decorate your home or office then you will surely come across nearly countless options. There are so many ways and things to help you decorate the interior of your house or office without exceeding your budget. The most commonly used decorative accessories for this purpose are art posters.

Art posters offer surprising answer to homeowners who are confused with so many options available to them where most of them are out of their budget. These artistic pieces also make wonderful options for people who know that their tastes and personal style keep changing constantly. Such people can make good use of some invaluable art posters and can replace them with other articles after a year or two when they feel like changing the view of their home.

Buying art posters also provide a great way to glamorize your home within your price ranges while providing you the freedom to experiment with some new options later. Poster art is considered wonderful by most of the families and business owners because they come in a large variety to fit everyone’s individual requirements. You can find almost everything you are looking for to add color and style to your new or old home. But it would be great if you have some idea prior to shopping for the item of your choice. Try to know style and color that can fit to your requirements. For instance; if you want to bring the nature inside your home then art posters made with natural previews would make your preferred choice.

In fact these art pieces are also available in other interesting designs such as posters with beach side views, portraying great personalities, colorful art work and also cartoon characters (designed especially to decorate kids room) and so on. With plenty of options available, even some professional interior designers make good use of these artistic pieces to transform the look of their clients’ home or office.

Posters are categorized into different categories by the use of different expressive graphic elements. Such elements are generally the thoughts of artists designing the posters and may also vary with other inputs provided by the decorator. Means, you can also get the poster art customized to obtain the kind of design you exactly want.

Nowadays new techniques of poster designing have come into existence reducing the total time consumed in designing the poster of your choice. With the popularity and increased use of internet, it is worth to mention that whatever now happens in the world of poster designing, it has its influences worldwide.

Art, Drafting and School Supplies

  • January 19, 2019

A large variety of art, drafting and school supplies are available for purchase online. Whether you need art materials to prepare a conference, presentation or classroom decorations or anything in between, a large stock and varieties are available to fit the needs of any project. From all-purpose glue and glue sticks, to glue guns or refills, the type of office supplies available online are endless.

Some other items include:

  • spray adhesive
  • rubber cement
  • mounting adhesive
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • modeling clays
  • plaster crafts
  • beads
  • sequins

Find a choice of portfolios, including documents tubes, in Art & Drafting Portfolios to protect your works-in-progress and masterpieces alike online as well. Add color to your designs with our Art Pencils, china marker pencils, colored pencils, colorless blender pencils, and specialty marking pencils, so you’ll be sure to find what you need for your design project. Teachers will delight with Chalkboards, Bulletin Boards & other accessories You will also find more than just chalkboards, chalk, and eraser, but also a colorful collection of bulletin board sets, trims, and borders to brighten classroom displays!

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Gift Ideas To Inspire Your Kid To Take Art

  • January 18, 2019

Is your kid ready? Well, it’s excellent that you would like to educate your kid about the arts. But get it done steadily, don’t just enroll you child in an art course if they’re not completely ready. This post will provide you with some ideas on how to expose your child with the arts in a slow pace.

What you can do to gradually expose your kid with the arts will be to give art gifts. An art gift is going to allow your kid to discover new skills inside themselves. Your kid may be interested in watercolor painting, abstract painting, sketching or acrylic painting. You can’t say for sure, your kid might be the next Picasso. Kids who already take part in artistic undertakings are going to value the additional art supplies as well as resources.

Here is a list of gifts that might help you to expose your child in the world of art.

A great gift item which you can give your kid is an art gift basket. The size of the basket doesn’t mean much, it’s up to you on just how much you want to spend. Your art gifts will depend on the age of your kid. You could buy art products like paintbrushes, adhesive, child proof scissors, colored pencils and construction paper. If you wish to spend a little, you could obtain specialized activities like scrapbook supplies and add photographs of your family members.

Art books are a good way in order to show your kid renowned paintings. In case your child is in their early teens, you can buy a book of Picasso’s artwork. In case your child is five years old or more, you may want to buy a bright colored art book with plenty of photos. Surely your kid is going to pick their favorites. Another great book you can get is an art coloring book. Be sure you buy crayons so your child could create their own work of art. Browse around the art shop for some other art materials which you think your kid will enjoy. In case you get stuck and don’t know very well what to purchase, talk to a sales person for assistance.

Now, in case you really want your child to achieve the full experience of the arts, you could enlist them in an art course. Keep in mind to enroll your child in an art school which is based on their age group. Don’t enroll them with older kids, you will waste your money and time. In addition, be sure the art class is no longer than an hour and half. Kids have short attention span especially if your child is 5 years old.

Now, that you already know the art gift items and pointers when enlisting your child in art classes, it really is your decision on what you must do. There’s no right or wrong decision to your situation. Either way, your child is going to discover the new avenues of the arts. See, that wasn’t too bad!

Know How to Add a New and Stylish Look to Your Art

  • January 17, 2019

If someone like the art glass work and his interest is more inclined towards the Asian designs then bamboo can surely be your choice. You can use it for decorating your space perfectly as per your taste. There is a huge essence of versatility in bamboo designs and they look very attractive and very interesting. The great and a very interesting way of making your design more attractive are to decorate it with bamboo art glass windows. Such windows look very beautiful and this kind of idea is used by many people. Such glasses are inspired from stain glasses and they look very beautiful with the little hint of bamboo in it and give the elegant look to your place.

Bamboo art glass windows are available in many shapes and sizes and also come in many different forms. There are many such decorative pieces also available today. There are also different price ranges for all such art glass pieces. The small piece of glass can come at a very affordable price and at the same time can enhance the beauty a lot. Many big artistic pieces are also available which will give a massive and a brilliant look to the place where it is hanged. Such artistic pieces are used to give beauty as well as add to the prestige. It really gives a huge and a very high profile image to the place and makes it look very royal and elegant.

Bamboo art glass windows can be made in the room and that can change the entire look of the place. If there is a plain bed room for example a white color room or a off white or cream color room and then just the addition of colorful art glass windows with some beautiful colors on it is will give the whole different look to the room and the room would not be dull anymore.

Such materials are easy to make and easy to install. There are many of them available as well that can give a wonderful look to the wall. You can even customize and add your personal touch to them. You can choose from the designs available or can give some designs and place an order.

Art glass windows always look beautiful undoubtedly. Where ever they are placed they add elegance to the place and enhance the overall look of it. One can also search online for such art works. Many designs and lots of information can also be found online regarding these works of art.

Free Coloring Sheets

  • December 16, 2018

Are your kids bored or tired? Are they looking for something fun to do? There’s no need to spend lots of money to find fun activities for kids. Free coloring sheets can keep kids busy for hours or even days! These cool images are original and printable. You won’t find these printable coloring pages anywhere on the market! They are specifically, drawn by an artist, for a website offering fun activities for kids and adults.

There are a variety of cool images within lots of categories. All of the images pertain to the farm theme, whether it’s indoors or out. Find farm animal coloring pages: cows, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep and more! Find vehicles found on a farm such as cars, trucks and tractors. Find things grown on a farm like fruits and vegetables. Kids can learn all about farm life while coloring their artistic creation! Coloring can be a relaxing activity kids and adults. Some pages have fun trivia questions too! Kids and adults can stimulate thinking and memory skills, with these fun trivia questions. Free coloring sheets are fun art activities for children and adults!

Find the best coloring art supplies: crayons, markers, pencils, sharpeners and more! You can save money, lots of ways, when you buy quality art supplies. For example, there’s no need to throw away dull, flat, crayons. This can be wasteful and expensive. Sharpen them with a crayon sharpener, electric or manual, for continual use. Your crayons can look good as new! Another example, of saving money, is to buy washable markers. There’s no need to worry about marker stains on furniture, floors, doors, walls or even clothes! Using washable coloring supplies, takes the stress out of coloring, at least for adults! Crayola is an established, trusted, name in the coloring business, worldwide. They make numerous and practical coloring supplies.

Kids can be proud of their colorful art creation! Hang their work around the house, use them at parties, frame them, take them on trips or give them as gifts. Coloring can be a fun learning experience, when spending time with a child. Ask questions about the images be colored. Fun trivia questions help to stimulate thinking and conversation. There are lots of ways to use free coloring sheets! There are so many cool images to choose, enough to last for hours or even days! So, kick the boredom blues out and start coloring! Printable free coloring sheets, with cool images, coloring supplies and fun trivia questions, can brighten your day!

Safe Art Supplies for Children

  • December 16, 2018

As we know children love to express themselves in different ways and they often try to perform different tasks. It is essential to motivate their imaginations as well as their creative skills. Art plays a significant role in the skill development and improvement of a child. According to the recent studies, children who become familiar with the art work in early age take more interest in the subject and feel proud to learn new skills as they become older. You can encourage their artistic abilities by providing appropriate art supplies to them. Here I am going to mention a few tips that you should have to keep in mind while going to buy art supplies for children:

Colorful art supplies: Children simply like bright and colorful art material that attract their eyes, so buying them a few simple and attractive kids art & craft supplies would be sufficient to catch their interest in the early stages. But in case of Glue, it is safer to buy white glue because Colorful glue contains harmful chemicals.

Easels and Tables: To create a dedicated artistic atmosphere in your home, you should have to buy an art table or easel of suitable size according to the age of your child. You can buy an adjustable easel which last for a long period of time and you can adjust it according to child needs. If your child like to do experiments with different kind of art mediums and can work with chalks, pencils and pens, then multi sided easels would be perfect for them. The child can draw or paint on one side and the other side can be used as a white board. To keep their art supplies organized, you should choose an easel with shelves and store art materials under the work surface. Such types of tables are designed to grasp a variety of art supplies.

Safe and Non Toxic art Material: You should always remember that some art supplies contain toxic chemicals that are harmful for Children, so don’t forget to check user reviews about the product while online purchase and if you are going to buy art & craft supplies at the local market, then must check the label very carefully if it contains “non-toxic” word in the package, then you can buy it because it is safe for children. Labels can be fake and some people sell harmful products those may be cheaper, but not suitable for your child, so buy safe and chemical free natural art products carefully and let your child enjoy with their imaginations. Lead may cause several health problems in children, it is better to avoid stuff which contains lead.

These are a few points that you can remember while buying Art supplies for your youngsters. Buying art supplies can be risky because they are different in price. I always prefer online shopping because many online stores offer discounts on bulk orders so you can get art material online at reasonable price.

Finding Contemporary Indian Art For the New Or Experienced

  • December 14, 2018

If you favor or wish to begin collecting contemporary Indian art it is easy to do so with the options available to you on the internet. There you will find a listing and several options of the current and up and coming artists to watch. The pieces are beautiful and you can begin building your collection of your favorite pieces by your liking or by the liking of the artist, or both.

India is a country filled with history and culture. The artists from this territory are eclectic and dynamic in their choices of styles and mediums. From the European flair of the renaissance to the dynamic art deco design you can find an artist that is contemporary and depicts their vision of India through their artwork.

What many artists have in common is the dynamic and bold color palette they choose to use in their artwork. This can be seen in the depictions they create that are factual based or visions of their livelihood in their country. The colors present every day life or bold struggles that have in the past or are currently being delivered as their country evolves. All of this is brought to life in their vivid patterns and colors.

Other artists depict the people of India. This can be from children to the elderly that are much respected. You can have modern altruistic depictions or those that represent the inner emotions of the people. Both are interesting and subjective. That is why it is fun to find and follow a particular artist that you find interesting in the way the represent current culture.

Going to local art galleries is one way of finding contemporary Indian art but you can also visit the dedicated galleries online. Many of these galleries have online showings of the paintings they have on display and even have live bidding auctions for the pieces that in the gallery.

Many sites have a listing where you can browse in different venues. If you are new to Indian art then you may just want to browse the galleries and the paintings encased there. If you see an artist repeatedly that you like you have the ability to then browse by the artist themselves. Other sites let you browse by subject matter.

With the availability of online viewing you can also find a particular artist website if you know them by name. However, many artist sell through dealers set up by their agents and you will need to go to the galleries to purchase their work. You can however view their collection fully on their personal site and see where purchase is possible should you like a particular piece. Some popular items may be available in print form which is replicated from the original piece for a lower price for your budget.

Choosing Art For Your Home

  • December 13, 2018

Choosing art for your home can be a daunting task. The reason it can be so overwhelming is it is a costly purchase that you will have on your walls for years to come, and if you end up not loving it – it could be a source of agitation based on the wasted money. So there are a few things to consider before you go out and purchase that beautiful wall art.

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing art for your home is the color of your art. The color of the item should loosely match the color of your room, but it does not need to match exactly. Think about tones here, for example if your room is mostly earth tones then your art should have at least some earth tones in it.

The second thing when choosing are for your home is size of the item. When placed on the wall there should be space around it, it should not look crowded, but it should also not be too spaced out. The best thing to do before you go shopping is measure out a space on your wall with a tape measure. Know the dimensions of the space you need to fill before purchasing.

Frame colors and textures. The framing of your art print or canvas art item is almost as important as the print itself. If you have a large rich colorful art print be sure not to get too skinny of a frame, spend a little extra money on that thick rich looking frame, it will be worth it in the long run when you have to look at that art everyday.

Creative Meditation on the Word of God

  • November 12, 2018

There is a new craze in the world of Bible journaling which has created a back-order of up to six weeks or more for journaling Bibles, from major Christian booksellers. This new trend in studying and meditating on the Bible has a following that is growing by leaps and bounds. Sources such as the Illustrated Faith website or the Bible Art Journaling Community on Facebook, which teach the spiritual element and artistic process of this new art form based on scripture, are increasing in number. What has sparked this revolution in the way people are studying and journaling the Word? Many of the followers of this new movement, as seen on Facebook postings, attribute it to the spiritual connection that comes after reading scripture, meditating upon it, then recreating the verse with creative hand lettering and simple yet colorful art elements.

The tools needed to start are basic. First you can obtain a journaling Bible (preferably one with wide 2″ margins), or if you have objections to marking up a Bible, a simple mixed-media art journal pad, will do just fine. As you progress over time, you will start collecting different artist pens. These pens come in various colors and mediums, such as gel, metallic, fluorescent, watercolor and the all-time favorite -Micron pigma pen. The latter is a color-fast, non-bleed through, archival quality ink that enhances hand lettering efforts because of the quality of the nib and consistent ink flow. For the addition of color to your lettering or artwork, color pencils are the favorite because they don’t bleed through the thin Bible pages. Yet other mediums from watercolor, pastels and even acrylics can be used if the page is properly prepped beforehand with a gel medium like Gesso.

Now, you only have to gather yourself into a quiet place to begin your Bible study in whatever form you prefer; whether it’s a formal study, a reading plan, or a daily devotional – this is where you begin. Prayerfully, as you think about what you have just studied, the Holy Spirit will convince you of a verse, a thought or something you need to do. These words or thoughts are what will become the basis of your artwork – hence “Bible Art Journaling”.

Now is the time to put pencil to paper to create your personal piece of scripture art. Sketch lightly a paraphrase of the verse or your thoughts in a creative, even whimsical lettering style. Examples and tutorials overflow if you search for “creative hand lettering tutorials” on the Internet. These are simple fonts that are easy to construct and any imperfections in your efforts only add to the frank and honest portrayal of that which is flowing from your heart to God. After the written layout is satisfactory, you can make it permanent with your Micron pen or any ink-based pen is satisfactory.

Finally, embellishments with simple artwork, such as banners, scrolls, stylized flowers, etc. give your verse its inspirational style. Adding layers of color with pencil, crayons or watercolor to the letters and art add that final touch of beauty. As you explore this subject you will find beautifully simplistic work by some, right alongside brilliantly detailed artwork by others.

Fun Arts and Crafts Projects

  • November 11, 2018

Rarely does a child exclaim “Mom, I’m bored!” and not suddenly change their mind when mom replies, “OK, then let’s do an arts and crafts project, together.”

Perhaps what the child is actually saying is that they would like mom or dad to spend a little time with them. Now that you have gained their attention, and they yours, here are some ideas and tips for getting started on that arts and crafts project.

Let’s begin with a few ideas for materials that may be used, many of which can be found around the house. Other supplies may be purchased from your local craft store.

Basic Craft Materials

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Glue
  • Paper Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Magic Markers
  • Clay
  • Play Dough
  • Foam Craft Sheets
  • Plaster
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Tape
  • String
  • Felt
  • Yarn
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Wooden Clothes Pins
  • Pipe Cleaners

Recycled & Household Items

  • Packing Peanuts
  • Dryer Sheets (unused)
  • Coffee Filters (unused)
  • Hair Ribbons
  • Bottle Caps
  • Fabric Remnants
  • Cardboard Canisters (Oatmeal, Grits etc.)
  • Plastic Soda Bottles
  • Coffee Cans
  • Buttons
  • Wall Paper Scraps

Kitchen Cupboard Items

  • Dried Beans
  • Dried Peas
  • Raw Pasta (macaroni, spaghetti, rigatoni, shells etc.)
  • Flour (for home made play dough) Cookie Cutters
  • Food Coloring

Nature’s Items

  • Stones
  • Small Rocks
  • Sea Shells
  • Pine Cones
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Flowers

Decorate with Beads
1. Find objects around the house or from the dollar store, such as a picture frame, beauty hand mirror, vase, or anything that can be fancied up.
2. Spread glue on the surface to be beaded, a white glue works best.
3. Sprinkle or place the beads onto the glued surface and allow to dry.
4. Shake off any loose beads.

String Beads
1. Use colorful plastic string and thread beads to make necklaces, bracelets, and key chains.

Fun with Foam
1. Purchase colorful arts and crafts foam sheets from the craft store.
2. Draw shapes of butterflies, ladybugs, flowers…anything at all on the main sheet.
3. Cut out the shape and choose various color sheets for the different parts to be added to the main piece i.e.: eyes, antennae, designs, etc.
4. Use a hole puncher to punch out black foam for the eyes.
5. After all pieces are cut out, glue each piece on top of the other.
6. Cut pipe cleaners and glue them on for antennas or flower stems.

Foam Refrigerator Magnets

These fun and colorful bugs and flowers make adorable kitchen magnets, simply glue a magnet on to the back. You can find magnetic strips at the craft store.

Foam Greeting Cards

Foam art also makes a very special greeting card. Just fold a sheet of card stock in half, Have the child write inside of the card and use the foam creation as a cute embellishment for the front of the greeting card.

Dryer Sheet Butterflies and Flowers

1. Take a dryer sheet and hold it the long way. Scrunch the middle by pinching with your fingers and clip it together with a clothes pin to form a butterfly.
2. Use pipe cleaner’s for the antennas and glue felt dots on the peg shaped head of the clothes pin for eyes.
3. Use water color paints and make random marks on the wings
4. Repeat for flowers except use the pipe cleaners for stems.
5. Makes a great magnet or are fun to hang using yarn or twine for as a decoration or ornament.

Coffee Filter Butterflies and Flowers
Repeat above steps except substitute unused coffee filters for the dryer paper.

Packing Peanuts
Save a few packing peanuts you get from ordering products.
1. Paint the peanuts with craft paint.
2. Allow your child to glue packing peanuts to construction paper.
3. Use the ones with holes to string a necklace with yarn or twine.

Bottle Cap Magnets
1. Paint bottle caps different colors and allow to dry thoroughly.
2. Lay the caps down on a table painted side up. Use your imagination and form a shape, pattern, flower or car with the caps.
3. Once you have a shape that you like, glue the caps side by side, allow to dry and then use felt as a backing by outlining the bottle caps on to the felt. Glue to the back of the caps and trim.
4. Glue a magnet to the felt for a refrigerator.

Macaroni Picture
1. Glue macaroni or any raw pasta to card stock or construction paper to make unique art designs. The pasta may then be painted different colors.

Macaroni Necklace
1. Paint macaroni different fun colors.
2. Use yarn to string through any pasta that has a hole. Make fun bracelets and necklaces.

Wall Paper Fan
1. Cut a piece of wallpaper into a rectangular strip, or use left over wall paper border.
2. Fold like an accordion and fold in half
3. Glue gun the bottom folds together. Allow to dry.
4. Spread open and you have got a lovely fan.

Rock Painting
Make fun things with rocks or stones Search the back yard or buy smooth stones at the dollar store.
1. You could paint funny faces on them
2. Glue felt legs and a head to make a turtle paper weight.
3. Paint on hearts or flowers for a valentines day gift.
4. Glue on glitter or sequins for a really pretty design.

Baby Doll Cradle
Make a cradle for a small baby doll with an oatmeal canister.
1. Parent simply cuts out about 3/4 of the box into a square with a small paring knife.
2. Have child assist with painting inside and outside of canister.
3. Glue lace around cut edges of box. Use fabric remnants for pillow and baby cover.
4. The child may like to place hearts and flower stickers on the baby cradle.
5. Now place a small doll in the cradle and have child rock the baby doll to sleep.

Toy Soldier Ornament
Use the type of wooden clothes pins that do not have a spring.
1. Cut out strips of black felt and glue to bottom of pin for pants, and a smaller piece for arms and glue.
2. Wrap a piece of red felt to the upper body for the jacket and glue.
3. Glue a black pom-pom on the top of peg for a hat.
4. With a fine tip magic marker make two black dots for the eyes and use a fine tip red marker for the mouth.
5. With string or braided cord glue a line going down the sides of each leg. Use the remainder of the string as a loop to hang on the ornament on the Christmas tree or any place that your child may enjoy.

Fancy Pencil Holder
Put to use those plastic canisters for iced tea and powdered drink mixes. You can also use the plastic soda bottles but an adult will have to cut off the top half.
1. Glue Popsicle sticks all around the entire periphery of the plastic container.
2. Paint the sticks and allow to dry.
3. Add some decorations to them, such as silk flower petals, old buttons, or use dryer sheets and paint with soft pastel water colors. Glue the dryer sheets over the sticks gently to form a decoupage look.
4. You could also embellish with sequins, beads, sea shells or glitter glue.

Just a reminder that some projects are best suited for older children. The idea is that the parent and child spend time and work on a fun arts and crafts project together. Parental supervision was in mind when suggesting these craft projects. Never leave small children unattended with small objects that may be swallowed or with scissors and glue.

Let your child give away some of their creations to grandparents, aunts and uncles as a way of saying I love you. The recipients of your child’s small labor of love will certainly be much appreciated.