Art and Complements Your Decor

  • October 5, 2018

You’ve found the perfect art print or poster. The colors are right and the picture suits your personality. Now all you need is a special frame that will show off the beauty of the art. With hundreds of frame choices available, how do you choose?

Well, the good news is that when choosing a frame for a particular piece of art, there’s no one right choice. You’ll probably be able to find quite a few that work. But what you’ll notice is that each frame creates a completely different impression.

Professional framers will tell you to take one of three main approaches to choosing a frame.

1) Frame for the Art – Often considered the ideal in picture framing, you select the color and style of frame based on the style and character of the art.

For example, if you have a contemporary-looking art print or poster, then you’ll probably want a modern looking frame. It can be metal or painted wood. If your picture has a rustic flavor, then a weathered wood might be the perfect accent.

You’ll also want to consider color. If red is prominent in the poster or art print, choose a frame that looks good with red. You may even want to pick up on the red in one of your mats. The mat and frame should complement the artwork, creating a eye-appealing presentation that puts the focus on the art and doesn’t distract from it.

2) Frame for the Room – Framed art can be an important component of a decor theme, tying together various colors and design elements. For example, if the room has white furniture and you’ve found some bright-colored art prints or posters, you can use white-colored frames to match the decor.

If the artwork is for a bedroom that features a wrought iron headboard, consider using a wrought iron frame on your picture. Have a brass headboard? How about brass frames for your art? Think about where the framed artwork will hang and what it should accomplish in the room.

Keep in mind that when attempting to integrate your framed art with the decor, you don’t need to create an exact match with the area’s colors and furniture. There’s room for flexibility, but you can coordinate the art with the decor by simply using the same general color palette and style.

3) Frame for Personal Preference – Decorating your home is an opportunity to express your unique style. And that principle extends to your framed artwork too. When you frame for personal preference you defy the traditional and make your own statement — your home, your art, your frame, your way!

A fire engine-red mat on a black and white photo with a silver frame? Sure, why not? An ornate gold frame around a simple drawing of a child’s toy? It’s eclectic but it works. A hot pink metal frame around a picture of a daffodil? If it looks right to you, then go for it.

Framing that is intentionally offbeat or flashy can add fun to your room’s decor and be a tribute to your personal taste. Mats offer you another opportunity to be creative in coordinating them with your frame. What a difference colors can make!

The key is to make purposeful design decisions, as opposed to random choices. Try different mat and frame combinations to see how they look. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Let your personality shine through and trust your decorating ability to make the right choice. Bottom line, if the final framed artwork pleases you, then it is the right choice, no matter how unconventional.

One last caveat. Whether you choose to frame for the art, frame for the room or frame for personal preference, be consistent. That will ensure that all the artwork in that one location will appear coordinated, creating a harmonious presentation.


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